Should you use an international courier to send your luggage to Spain?

You can check in your luggage while flying to someplace or you can ship your luggage. The choice is entirely yours but you must weigh the pros and cons. Many people, who travel overseas, move to another country or even when they travel from one part of the country to another, don’t really contemplate their options.

However rather than paying for excess baggage charges , you should consider using an international courier to send a your luggage on. If you send a parcel to Spain containing your luggage by an economy road service you will find that the cost is much lower than the excess baggage rate charged by the airlines. The transit time for sending a parcel to Spain is only 1-2 days by air express and 3-4 working days by economy road services. So as long as you plan ahead you are able to schedule your bags to arrive before you do.

All baggage that is sent by international courier is also fully tracked, from the moment it is collected to the point of delivery. Let us study the pros and cons of checking your luggage and shipping your luggage when moving or traveling overseas.

  • Checking in your luggage would mean that you would travel with all your stuff while you are flying with a certain airline. If you have very few stuff, then this is an ideal scenario. You can have the luggage on you and you may not even pay anything extra. The trouble emerges when you have more stuff than what the airline would allow for free. With more airlines starting to reduce the free limit of cabin baggage and cargo, you may have to pay a fair sum of money. If you have too much stuff on you then this is not an option to begin with. Also, there is the inconvenience of trying to manage all your stuff as you would be managing your flying out, at the same time. Handling all that luggage, getting them checked in, getting them out of the conveyers and then checking them out, carrying them onto the vehicle you may or may not have booked at the destination and then carrying the stuff all the way to an address; all this sounds like too much work and you may not be willing or ready to do it.
  1. Shipping your luggage is the better option when you have too much stuff. You can hire couriers for parcel delivery to Spain or whichever country you are going to. The couriers will safely and efficiently deliver your possessions at the destination you provide, which should be the exact address. This option will be cheaper if you have lots of stuff. The method of shipping will be safer and you don’t have to physically attend to the handling, unloading, loading or getting the stuff to the destination.

Get quotes, do the math, assess the kinds of stuff you have and then make an informed decision that will work out best for you.

Thailand Weather When Should You Go

contentMost probably the one question most often asked by holidaymakers wanting to go to Thailand is: When is the best time for a holiday?. Not as easy to answer as you could think, without knowing more about what your friends want to do in Thailand.

There are three standard seasons that make up the Thailand weather cycle: Hot Season, Wet Season and Dry Season. But within the country the weather varies a lot from the cool north to the hot and sunny south.
Lets have a look at what the Thailand weather is like:

Hot Season:

March to June: The hottest months of all. April is particularly hot, nearly too hot, even for the locals. Step foot outside and you will be melting within minutes, sweat dripping from your body. Hot season is beach season. Swim in the blue ocean and bask the shade of the palm trees. Trekkers may find it too hot to really enjoy.

Wet Season:

July to November: The wet season is the worst time to spend time in the Thailand weather, regardless what you are looking to do. Its humid, wet and it rains several times a day. Not just a few drippings, but real monsoon style, where the vault of heaven seem to open. But the hotels are plentiful and cheap. A good choice for backpackers on a budget.

Dry Season:

December to February: The best season to visit Thailand. The Thailand weather is almost normal here, the sky is clear of clouds and its hot, but not too hot. If you can try to go at this time.

Varieties in RV Rentals

If you are considering renting an RV, there are many options available for you to choose from. The options vary depending on your location, your mileage needs, and the size you want. Let’s look at some differences in RVs and see which RV might be the best for you.

One-Way Rentals

Many RV companies offer one-way rentals. What is this and how does it affect you? Depending on the holiday you have in mind, this option may or may not suit your needs. Sometimes, rental companies need to move their merchandise around. Perhaps they have discovered that there is a need for a certain type of RV in Denver, Colorado, for example. Upon learning this, the company will want to move their merchandise there. If they assign an employee to do it, the employee will need to be paid for the work they have done. However, you as a customer will receive a discounted rate to take the RV on a one-way trip. This option may not always work for you if you do not have another way of returning home. What situation would this be convenient for? If you need to visit a long-distance relative or friend, this option might work for you since it would allow you to travel very cheaply. If you are planning to stay a few months, you could take another one-way rental back to your home. This option can be a cheap way to rent an RV if it fits your situation.

Mileage Options

With many RV rentals, you pay an additional fee if you drive more than the mile allowance per day. However, some companies offer unlimited miles with a certain length of rental, perhaps ten days or longer. By renting the RV a little extra time, you can save yourself money on miles, especially considering that most customers pay upfront for the miles they predict they will use. You will not need to overpay any miles you do not use.  If you know you will be driving a large amount each day, this option can be cost-efficient.


Different deals are offered in different locations. Depending on the company, they might offer promotions at one place or another for unlimited miles or a free night, etc. The deals will vary as the companies vary. However, you could get a better deal if you select a pickup location a little farther away from your home.


A very obvious difference in RV rental in America is the type of RV available. There are two-person campers up to six-person campers. You can choose to have full bathroom and cooking facilities or you can opt out of these. You can also decide whether you want to have off-road capacities. These decisions are up to you and your needs. Obviously, the bigger the size, the more it will cost. You want your RV to be comfortable but also budget-friendly.

Additionally, the brands of various RVs differ. You might want to adhere to a specific, trusted brand. However, even in simply one brand, there can be many different options. Consider which options best fit your needs and you will be able to select the best camper for you.

How to Enjoy Full Moon in Koh Phangan Thailand


Koh Phangan ThailandEveryone loves to be in a place that is so beautiful. That kind of environment that is fun and welcoming. An environment that makes you forget all your troubles for a moment have fun and get entertained.

History of Koh phangan full moon party

Koh phangan is a beautiful island found in Thailand. However, the question is how did all this start and why was it named Koh phangan full moon party? The event came about when a group of tourists who toured the beautiful island saw the moon in Koh phangan to be so beautiful, something that they had never seen before.

Later on, the tourists arranged a party along the Haad Rin beach that’s was crescent-shaped to celebrate the night of the beautiful full moon and so it was named Koh phangan full moon party.

Over the years many people from across the world come to join in order to celebrate in the party. The Koh phangan full moon party usually begins during dusk, when the yellow round shaped moon appears over the beautiful white sandy beach.

So why be at the Koh phangan full moon party?

Thailand is just one of the beautiful countries in the world that has amazing beaches and mind blowing fun parties like magical full moon party of Koh phangan. The full moon party of Koh phangan is held every month and has attracted a large of number of people every year.

Imagine attending a party that begins at dusk, and in the evening you are just mind blown away with the many non-stop events that are there, and you do not even want to miss anything.

From the groups of people who are dancing, singing and not forgetting the many different Mc’s who are there changing decks just to entertain you, leaving you dancing to every beat of the music that they have created.

The Koh phangan full moon party is simply a must attend event, because when you are at the party you can never be disappointed, there are a wide range of different kinds of entertainment simply for everyone from dancing, reggae, techno, jugglers, trance, fireworks the list is endless. Therefore, tell me with all this, what simply can make you not to make your trip to attend the amazing and magical full moon party of Koh phangan next time?


The magical full moon party of Koh phangan, is a party that is just out of the world and an event to attend.

5 Tops Fishing Spots In Australia

When you traveling around Australia, there are various activities you can enjoy especially fishing as Australia has the largest area of ocean jurisdiction of any country on earth. It is legendary for its fantastic fishing. You can search for several species of fish here. For an idea of you fishing trip, I have brought you 5 tops fishing spots in Australia.

  • Gold Coast, Queensland

Although Gold Coast is renowned as Australia’s playground from its theme parks, beaches and dining and night scene, there are many other activities to be had by simply putting out a rod and line. You can visit the Seaway where any angler will reel off this spot as the catch of the Coast. It is brimming with variety such as yellowtail, kingfish, jewfish, whitehead and so one. Besides, Deep Hole is another nice fishing spot. It is awesome for early morning high-tide flicking for tailor, but it is also tops at night for bream. Why not try fishing charter in Gold Coast, then you can have so much fun with this fishing trip.

  • Cape York, Queensland

It offers anglers the ultimate Aussie fishing adventure and it is famous for its pristine beaches; uninhabited islands; and fish-rich tidal estuaries, lagoons, and rivers. You can visit from May to December since it cannot be passed in the wet season. To avoid the rough multi-day drive, you can fly into Bamaga or Weipa in less than two hours from Cairns and stay in a remote fishing lodge or book a boat trip. However, for many anglers, the 4WD journey is part of the adventure. Always check local conditions before heading out and beware of saltwater crocodiles.

  • Jindabyne

During the summer months, Lake Jindabyne is a famous spot for bait fishing. With several streams running down the Snowy Mountains, the Lake has four species of fish that you can catch, ‘Browntrout’, ‘Rainbow trout’, ‘Brook trout’ and ‘Atlantic salmon. Note that the lake is closed for fishing between the June and October long weekends to give the trout a chance to spawn.

  • Broome, Western Australia

It is renowned for its incredible fishing opportunities, mainly due to the complete lack of population in the region. Broome located in Australia’s north western corner. It is really the start of Australia’s north coast and an excellent place to start your fishing adventure. If you’re travelling up the coast towards Broome, make sure you stop in at 80 Mile Beach, about 350km before you get to Broome, for a day or two and fish for salmon with your beach rod in the surf. You are guaranteed to catch a feed.

  • Port Stephens, New South Wales

It is about two-and-a-half-hours’ drive north of Sydney. It is a fishing hotspot and is known in particular for its fantastic game fishing. Besides chasing game fish, anglers can also fish the brackish waters of the extensive Myall Lakes system; cast in the Karuah River; or fish the flats along Nelson Bay, where you can wade, kayak, or explore by boat.


Visiting the Peak District

If you’re British, you’ve probably thought about visiting the Peak District for a very long time. It’s one of the most popular and visited parts of the country. In fact, there’s a good chance that you’ve already been there at least once in your life. If you’re from out of the country and thinking about visiting the UK, but wondering where to go, the Peak District is an incredible place to visit while you’re in the UK. It features the kind of quaint cottages and local industry that many people look forward to when they visit England. It also features some of the best of the UK’s landscapes. It is divided into two different parts: Dark Peak and White Peak.

Dark Peak

Dark Peak is the northern part of Peak District. It is mostly in South Yorkshire and Derbyshire. It is considered much wilder and more hilly than the southern part. The Dark Peak is named for the millstone grit that covers the limestone underneath it. In the winter, the soil is very well saturated. The millstone gives the areas its name because the soil is darker.  The area is also known as the High Peak because it is north of White Peak and covered in hills.

It is one of the historical areas defined as a part of Natural England. It covers about 87,000 hectares or 340 square miles. Interestingly enough, Dark Peak is known for having really horrible weather conditions, especially when it comes to flying. Over the years, several different types of military aircraft have crashed in the hills of Dark Peak. There have been so many wrecked that many people have cited seeing “ghost planes” flying around the area. Some people who have taken items from the crash sites have reported being visited by ghosts after that.

White Peak

The southern part of the Peak District is known as the White Peak. In this part of the park, the limestone is not covered by the millstone grit, so it has much whiter rocks. Also, the lack of millstone grit has resulted in dry riverbeds and many caves. The soil is not very good for farming much, which makes it great for grazing cattle and sheep. The area consists of about 53,000 hectares or 200 square miles.

If the northern Dark Peak is defined by its high hills and dark soil, the White Peak is defined by its light stones and deep caves.

Common Activities

There are hundreds of different reasons to enjoy visiting the Peak District. Many people of all fitness levels and interests like to spend a week or more in the area. In fact, some people are known to travel there every year. They range from people who are big enthusiasts of exciting, heart-pounding activity to those who prefer to relax.

For relaxing, many people like trekking through the different trails. The money spent visiting the area also helps to ensure that it remains viable and navigable. The many different trails are well maintained in part by contributions. Also, many different people trekking through the trails helps to keep the trails well-kept. Hiking through the gentle terrain of White Peak is incredibly fun and many people find it a great way to spend an afternoon. For those who prefer a little more change in environment, hiking through Dark Peak offers a little bit more of a challenge.

For others, hiking itself isn’t enough of a thrill. For those, mountain biking has become a very popular activity that brings a lot of people to the area. They find the best trails in Dark Peak, where the rolling hills offer many different opportunities. Technical trails challenge the fine control of mountain bikers. Fast trails challenge their nerves. There are also many more activities that have become popular in the area. It is such a dynamic and unique place that just walking from place to place is a wonderful holiday.


The hardest part of visiting Peak District is finding a place to stay. When you decide to visit the area, you can view a large selection of beautiful cottages based in the Peak District on various websites. You should make sure that you are picking the very best cottage travel agents in the district. There are a lot of different companies that will attempt to rent you a cottage, but you can tell the right one by determining a few factors. You should first look at the different cottages that these places have to offer.

Are they good-looking cottages and high-quality photographs? You can tell a lot about the cottages by determining the quality of the photos. Moreover, you should check to see how recently the photos were taken. If they are recent photos, then it’s more likely that they are accurate photos of the cottage.

You should also check to see if the people who work for the agency have actually been to the Peak District. You should make sure that at least some of the people at the agency are frequent visitors to Peak District. If they are visitors to the district, then they will be able to personally vouch for the quality of the different cottages. Moreover, they’ll be able to give you personal advice about different places. For example, if you want to go to a certain restaurant, they can tell you if that restaurant is actually as good as the ratings say. They can even tell you what dishes they like to eat when they go.

Lastly, you should look for the location of the cottages in relation to other things. Is the cottage near any pharmacies where you might be able to fill a prescription? Is it near any fast food or takeaway? These might seem like little things but they can be what makes or breaks your holiday.

Visiting the Peak District is a great way to spend your holiday. You’ll be able to spend time relaxing or time boosting your heart rate.

Musandam Offers Many Once-in-a-lifetime Activities

Near the United Arab Emirates (UAE) is an area known as the Musandam Peninsula—an area that is home to over 30,000 people within 1,800-square-kilometer (695-square-mile). The Musandam area contains seaside areas that include beaches and a variety of water activities such as boating, swimming, and rentals of boats such as dhows and speedboats that are used to make the most of the area. Musandam is a beautiful area with unique attributes that include a variety of activities especially enjoyed by those that love the outdoors. These days, there are companies that offer touring and other opportunities on and near the area of Musandam, including some activities that many people are unaware of. These activities include many once-in-a-lifetime events that you will not soon forget, and most of them are reasonably priced, as well as fun.

Camping in Musandam

One of the most popular tourist attractions in Musandam is camping out on the beach overnight. Companies that offer this option will drop you off at one of the sandy white beaches in the area and will provide a slew of activities for you to enjoy during your camping adventure. You can also get to the beach via another method, such as speedboats, wooden dhows and vehicles that includes cars, buses and vans.

When you camp in Musandam, you will enjoy activities such as barbeques on the beach, folklore and local music, and free breakfasts. Camping tours usually last two days and include activities such as fishing, barbeque dinners, cruises to Khor Sham where you can enjoy beautiful sparkling waters and beautiful mountain views, and activities such as dolphin watching, snorkeling, swimming, and viewing the many colorful fish in the area. In this two-day span, you will enjoy a wide variety of exciting and unique adventures that will provide memories to last a lifetime.

Finding the Right Tour Company for You

When you’re interested in Musandam camping opportunities, finding a company that provides this opportunity shouldn’t be difficult. Many of these companies have well-maintained websites that include detailed descriptions of all of their tours and activities, full-color photographs, prices, testimonials from other customers, and any terms and conditions that may apply. They also provide an easy way to contact them should you have questions not answered by their website.

Camping tours are available both with and without transportation from UAE, and usually provide all of the items you will need for the excursion, including tables and chairs, a generator, camp showers and toilets, sleeping bags, mattresses, tents, Arabic Majlis and more. On the boat, certain items are also included, such as soft drinks, coffee or tea, lunch, and fresh fruit. When you schedule one of these camping tours, you will have everything you need to make the entire trip unforgettable and adventurous. You can enjoy the slightly edgy activity of camping while enjoying the knowledge that you will be safe the entire time. If you do decide to go camping while you’re in Musandam, research the companies offering these types of tours, but most importantly, relax and enjoy the adventure.